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Our Vision

Conversational interfaces are a major shift in the way that we will interact with digital systems. Three decades ago the web emerged because new Internet infrastructures enabled the implementation of existing theories of hypertext interconnectedness. This caused an explosive change in the way that we interact with computers and communicate with each other. Today modern processor developments are unlocking an even more profound shift using machine learning.

If the Internet connected all of our computers, modern AI hardware implementations are starting to allow them to communicate with us using speech and other informal communications that we find natural. For the first time technology is starting to understand us enough to to interact directly in our complex, messy, ambiguous world.

Like all technology, conversational interfaces will have a range of social and individual impacts from the profoundly positive to the profoundly negative. Early parasitic use of the technology in lifelike robot-callers and deep concerns about privacy are already fuelling mass scepticism that industry and society must deal with.

At aplisay we are passionate about the exciting positive potential of conversational technologies to scale life changing social initiatives. We believe that it is possible to accentuate the benefits and mitigate against harm by using open technology, transparent data set curation, and clear stated interface outcomes. We work to inform and equip stakeholders to further their mission by delivering ethical AI systems that act as genuine user agents.


What we Do

Aplisay provides positive, empowering applications of conversational AI.

We deliver platform independent conversational interfaces for your own website, contact-centre and home assistants which maintain data sovereignty, avoid proprietary lock-in and platform bias.

Open Technology

We keep the flow of conversations and your data within your control using open, accessible implementation technology.

User Driven Development

Language and thought are diverse. Initial client interactions with conversational interfaces always expose new insights. Agile early and frequent user testing, with tight review and feedback loops are critical to deliver delightful interfaces.


We are passionate about making the world better by providing life enhancing conversational experiences. If you have a great idea with a unique social benefit, please come and talk to us. We will do everything we can to help you bring it to life, irrespective of your budget.

Ethical Conversations

Our language is complex and through it our emotions and therefore actions can be modified. This is a major area of ethical concern with the potential to cause harm. Every project we work on has a transparent statement of user outcomes. We do not work on manipulative systems that exploit cognitive biases.


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