In Browser Transcription

MyEars is a thought experiment with private audio transcription directly in a browser. It can transcribe any WebRTC audio stream rendered in a Chrome browser, along with the local microphone without sending user data to any external services.


One of the huge problems with using cloud AI services in business workflows is maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

The next leap in AI capability is being able to run advanced models on sovereign hardware to deliver AI capability without data leakage.


MyEars puts a tiny Open Source version of OpenAI's Whisper speach recognition engine directly inside the users browser as a Chrome extension to allow transcription without any data leaving the local machine.

It is early days for this technology, the UI is currently very basic compared to services that send the user data to remote cloud services for processing and rendering. The purpose of the plugin is to gain experience with this novel method of giving users access to advanced AI whilst maintaining control over their own data.

Although we have no immediate commercialisation roadmap, there is utility as an "always free", privacy sensitive note taker which we will be exploring in future products.

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